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Monday, March 28, 2016

"Sample Gates"

18x24 oil on canvas
Happy Easter!!!...I'm thrilled to announce that this painting of the Sample Gates in Bloomington, Indiana has been accepted into the Venue's first ever juried show entitled "Art and Soul of Bloomington".  there will be a reception on April 2 at 6 p.m.... i was really hoping I would have to miss it because we were following  the hoosiers to the final four...sadly, they ran into a buzz saw in north Carolina...four three pointers by one guy in the first five minutes??... really??....and they weren't a good out-side shooting team??? really??...ah well.. that really simplifies out lives a bit because we were going to have to figure out how to get from texas to augusta for the masters!!!.. we are so excited!.. going for the practice round on Wednesday along with the par three tournament on the prettiest little piece of property you could imagine!!...then we'll be there for the opening round on cell phones allowed at all.. camera only on Wednesday so we're breaking out our cameras..we went for one day in the early nineties..saw arnie, jack, and the boys.. long before tiger's time..the whole place is so green..even the food, which is very reasonable, is served in green wrappers..and so quiet!! you just can't possibly understand the elevations from the view from the tv cameras..
very happy to finally deliver a long-awaited commission to my friend jan on Friday..she has been so patient with me and I think she really likes it..she says she will think of her grandmother every time she looks at "meme's peonies"..thanks, jan, for enjoying my work.. it means a lot!!

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