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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


oil on linen panel
so this is Shiloh...another doggie gone to heaven...what's extra special about this piece...he reminds me so much of our beloved rufus...who died in 1992...he was ever-present to help our kids make their way through the trials and tribulations of high school!! shiloh looks a little bit like rake..whose name was "rufus" when my friend judy found him in the want ads in the paper..a good companion to our cubby..a golden-doodle before there were golden-doodles...who went to heaven in 2000...rake died in 2001 and we got Nellie, our oldest golden, in the fall of 2001 so...she helped raise our two oldest grands..willie and Tillie..nels will be 15 this year and she has managed to stay young with the addition of ruby in 2010....a very bossy and brash golden!!..boy we love our animals, don't we??  who's with me????

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