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Thursday, May 5, 2016

back in the studio....yeah!!!!!

ok.. so I've been very busy since we got home.. really worked on my house..dinner party a huge success..thanks mostly to the chef!!..and we got the house organized in the meantime!!.. so we were riding our bikes yesterday.. we passed this yard with a whole mess of poppies.. I was drooling of course!! me some later, after I retrieved paintings from the eye place..and thanks to them for the opportunity for the last two years...they will soon be moving next to the fire station...anyway.. I swung by the poppy house..armed with some scissors and water and a business card...I rang the bell...the lady who answered was lovely.. I gave her my card so she wouldn't freak out.. told her I was planning some poppy paintings and would she mind if I took some photos and perhaps cut a few here and there...she said she wouldn't mind if I photographed but they were only blooming for a week and she'd rather I didn't cut any!... fair enough!!.. so I took several pics..and then started this tryptic.. 40 inches high by 18 wide I can't tell a lot since it's in the beginning stages but i'll post more tomorrow...having lots of fun being back in the studio at last!!!!

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