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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Visitors' center opening...

17x17 oil on board
so we got home Monday... harrowing trip...came upon an overturned car where no one could have survived!!... makes you think about how fragile life is and how fickle time....been very busy a little exercise at tennis Tuesday..worked on the house.. went to have a meet and greet with the mayor of Bloomington Wednesday morning....worked on the get the picture...yesterday I dashed over.. there were three of show, peoples' choice won by Dawn.. and best photography won by Bob.. I have to get their last names from was a quick trip over and back..and then...worked on the house...we are having a small dinner party here on Saturday..and I have no housekeeper..every time i ask someone they say their gal has a waiting list.. so...we're able bodied and boy have we been working!!.. just the main one is allowed upstairs or in the basement...but it really doesn't matter.. these are good peeps coming and they really wouldn't care.. but it's a great excuse to get moving around here and shape the old homestead up a tad!!..tomorrow i will probably head to tennis again or..if it's gorgeous.. I may head to greenbelt!!!..anyway.. tomorrow night is the opening for our show at the visitors' center..there are six of us and I'm really anxious to see it!..the reception is from 5 to 6:30 and I hope to see some peeps if you're out and about!!..

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