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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

busy with other stuff...

i haven't had much time to paint in the last few days...working on bathroom remodel stuff and trying to get a bit more organized around here. i have been asked by K Madison Moore (  to consider joining two sites, Daily Painters International Art Gallery and International Artist's Gallery. check it out by clicking on the widgets at the right! i think this will be a good thing and i am hoping that joining forces with other artists from around the world will be stimulating, exciting and, hopefully, eventually profitable.   this will take some doing to set up and i'm trying to squeeze it in among my other chores and projects and parties.  got to get ready now for a plate-painting party in honor of my friend margaret.  anytime one of us turns 60 we gather and each of us paints an individual plate so she'll have a set of 8 or sometimes 9.  margaret is a teensy bit past 60 but somehow missed out on her stack of plates.  of course this always involves wine....we have too much fun!!

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