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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

heading south...

the other day i was heading to my studio to paint.  my hubby was working in the new bathroom...putting things in the brand new recessed medicine chests (love em!) i thought i'd change direction and paint in there.  i'm talking woodwork.  i got a really good start - the whole tub room, all the ceiling trim, one door, but then there's the room with the vanity which attaches to the bedroom with one wall of built-in (wooden) bookshelves, which attaches to the other words..i really have my work cut out for me! - and then golf has started..and then we leave tomorrow for the house in georgia where we will be barging in on our two daughters who have tandem weeks down there.  but fun, fun, fun!! - i'm not taking my paints and i'm not even mixing paints because things will dry out by the time i get back.  but we have an IPAPA paintout here in columbus the following saturday and i'll be dragging some buddies to that!!  time to get back at week..

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