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Friday, July 22, 2011

i've got my babies...

...well they're not babies anymore...will's 9, tillie's 8, lucy's 6 and oliver's 5..and joe (who's at the lake and not here) is 4...but we're here having a sleepover at gan and paps's - lots of swimming this afternoon - after davey and i played a practice round at otter creek - too much pool and sun time, i fear...but everyone's chilling in the basement for now.. we may have a rousing game of rummykub before too long (because i love it so)...and they're clamoring for one more dip in the pool...but i have to be sensible...tomorrow is the first round of the womens' city championship...and for some strange reason i find i've signed myself up for clue why...the way i'm swinging...but i like to support my local sherriff and so in this 95 degree heat i will be playing at harrison tomorrow and at otter on sunday! wish me luck and no heat stroke!!!!

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