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Saturday, May 8, 2010

found a new gallery

no time for painting...attended my grandson will's baseball game this morning at 10 am in zionsville...i think the wind chill might have been....1.....the actual temp was in the 40s and the wind was absolutely HOWLING!!! - but better weather's got to be ahead, right? - i discovered a nice new gallery in zionsville - right on main street - called the watts fine art gallery - if anyone's in the area it's well worth the stop. took a few grands to lunch and then headed up to the carmel midland gallery to take some new work - that's such a nice place! - long day, after a few extraneous errands and then tomorrow we're gathering for mother's day so it looks like i won't get to the studio til next week. i'm newly inspired after seeing such nice work in the watts gallery so we'll see what lies ahead!

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  1. Welcome home Susie! 40's and howling--that sounds like it is here today in Maine. Glad you had lots of fun. Happy Mother's Day.