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Thursday, May 6, 2010

home at last!!

so here's the scoop...we had a wonderful time - i got to paint a little bit but only for a few days...i really wanted to take a break and enjoy my friends and family. boogs and greg and joe arrived last friday so we shared the weekend with them...just as the weather was starting to get HOT!! before that, we had our couples' trip, played lots of golf, ate lots of food, played a little rummykub, visited my galleries and a few others...had a wonderful evening with our friends janet and paul ( we arrived home tuesday afternoon and i've been re-entering since then - with the warm weather, my yard has become unruly...and i haven't even gotten to my planting yet!!!! yikes!!!! i think i have my last tennis match tomorrow and then it's on to golf!! - but not before i get this place in some sort of order - don't know when i'll actually get to the studio again - i switched out some stuff and delivered some stuff in georgia and i plan to visit my carmel midland gellery tomorrow after my match. i have nothing to show for my work down there for one reason: - my camera DIED!!! - i was walking the beach one day and crossed over what i thought was a very shallow little waterway and sank up past my knees!!! - i freaked!~ - i KNOW what quicksand must feel like!! - my camera was in one pocket and my phone in the other - both totally submerged til i could extricate myself with davey's help! anyway - i have a disposable camera that i may have some stuff on but it's not ready to be developed yet - even at that i don't know how good my images will be - i'm excited about the prospect of a new camera, though...lemonade from lemons and all that....

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