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Saturday, May 29, 2010

work, work, work, work, work.....

here's a bit more of my lady - i'm refining the darks a bit and working some on the figure. the "work,work" i'm referring to is not my's the yard!!! i started yesterday with the intention of just weeding down the front walk thing led to another..and before you know it i've weeded the whole dang thing!!!!! - and that means pulling out maybe a million wild strawberries, the very bane of my existence!!!!! we're having the fam here tomorrow to celebrate jen's birthday and i really need to be finishing the back - a bit more planting and that's my afternoon!! - and then tillie and ollie are spending the night so jimmy can take jen out for a proper birthday celebration...if we get things in good shape outside then all i'll have to worry about is the inside for our party on friday...when would i even have time to paint, anyway?? good thing i took a few pics as i went along..and i think my do-over on the venice painting has gone by the wayside...i worked on the design issues and now the issue is to crop or not to crop.....i've had opinions going both ways - so much to little time....

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  1. I like the start to your bag lady. Where did you get the idea about the venetian red? I don't think I have that color in my box but use burnt sienna a lot. Hope your holiday weekend was fun.