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Monday, May 24, 2010

with some work...

ok - so here's another phase of the this point i'm thinking the shadows on the left are too severe and too dark, according to my reference. i'm also not happy with the center of interest is too much in the middle of the painting. at this point i can either scrape it off and start over..(not possible because the paint has dried too much...or wait til it dries and then restretch it and make it smaller but with a better design..(also risky because it may not dry enough to be sure i could dismantle it by next weekend, when i have to deliver it to be juried (or not) into a show.)...this morning i made the decision. i'm starting over - with a better design and just a bit smaller canvas. i can put in some good hours tomorrow and we'll see where we get. so far, all i've done is put the venetian red ground on it and done the drawing....why do i get myself into these messes??? - my art spirit would say...growth!

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