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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

harley davidson donation

10x20 oil on canvas
is it obvious what this is? - i hate that i haven't figured out my program to get rid of the background..i must do that!...i met the sweetest gal at the bank who's hosting a benefit ride this weekend. it's for her daughter bria and i wanted to do something to help. i plan to donate this to the auction and hopefully it will bring some bucks for their cause. there were so many images of harleys to choose from and i really wanted to do something different. is this different? too different? - i had fun doing it - it was almost too hot to be outside today so i had some time to fit this in. hoping to golf tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. Nice painting of a Harley Davidson, Susie. Knowing that this painting will go to a good cause is a positive enough inspiration for me to maybe try and do something for a charitable cause. You have very great and interesting paintings in your blog. Hope to see you paint another Harley in the future.

    Claudio McCarty