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Thursday, August 19, 2010

TA DA!!!!!

well, i have no paintings to post but i do have some news...first of all, saturday morning, while taking out a big bag of recyclables in a plastic bag, i somehow got a large gash in my leg by a stray piece of bloken glass..perchance a wine bottle shard?...anyhow - i ingeniously wrapped a rubber band around my calf to form a tournaquet of sorts and drove myself to the ER where davey was working the mini shift. fortunately they weren't busy and my dear hubby took such good care of me - numbing my leg, cleaning the wound, lovingly placing 7 stitches (he should have been a surgeon, he's that good!)...all was going splendidly until tuesday when i had to play the second round of our club championship. i always have to get down behind the ball to line up my putts and tuesday was no different. i had a realy good front nine - (41)- and then started the back fairly well but ended up brutalizing 3 or 4 of the last holes and limped in with an 88. i was disappointed that i didn't finish strong but apparently it was good enough and, for the first time since we've belonged to hlcc, i am the ladies club champion. yikes!...but that's not the end of the story. later that night or maybe wednesday, davey looked at my leg and announced.."what the?'ve managed to lose 5 out of your 7 stitches!!! are the worst patient i've ever had!!!"...i thought i'd done it tossing and turning in bed but after playing yesterday at salt creek, i realized, that thing i do before i putt, squating down on my rightg leg...that was the i sacrificed my perfect scar for the club championship...i will have an ugly scar but...c'est la vie!!!
we're off tomorrow for the painting for me - no time - but i will be getting back to the studio soon - i always feel so much better when i've pushed a bit of paint around!

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