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Sunday, August 29, 2010

i have a painting...

ok - so i can't take a picture of it yet (battery issues..) but i do have a painting to post! - i've taken a couple of my "lips" paintings up to "SNIPS"...the hair salon my daughter boogie goes to in irvington. they want a few more so i finally got to the studio today. this week has been consumed with dealing with the tree woes...i'm afraid we have to take the whole thing way down if not out entirely! - it's just too dangerous. we are so lucky it went down early sunday morning a week ago and no-one was outside in the frenchies' back yard...when we got home from the lake and i actually SAW the damage..i was so shocked and felt blessed that no-one was hurt. so then we had our family reunion much fun - all of davey's family and all our kids and their was great food and great fun and a great weather day! - the girls and i were sneaking in a round of rummy after everyone else had gone home and the door bell rang and there appeared this police officer...asking if we had called 9-1-1-....what?????...we asked tillie - no...of course joe's too young to use the phone..but then we asked ollie...he hung his head...the culprit for sure!...he was devastated because he thought maybe he was going to jail and the funniest part was my hubby and son-in-law slept through the whole thing!...actually it's been a while since we had a cop at our front door - the last time was a christmas party many years ago and i think we were being too loud..or maybe it was a summer party...who remembers..but it's always disconcerting to open the door to a policeman, isn't it? i'll post my painting tomorrow. off to watch the playoff for the barclay's.

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