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Friday, August 13, 2010

ready... set....surprise!!!!!!!!

after 23 years, davey finally got a new ride!!!!! a 2011 mustang GT 5 litre, 435 HP convertible!! -(can you say "middle-age crazies?????) he's very sad to say good bye to the old "blue goose"..a 1987...but, as i say..."it's about goldang time@!!!!!! he says, "i came in with a navy blue mustang convertible and i'm going out with a navy blue mustang convertible"!!! ( i hope he keeps this one for at least 23 years!) of course he had two mustangs in between...his new baby, MR. blue, has been on special order for a couple months - he had it specifically built for him and i'm telling you, it's been very hard not to spill the beans! there have been so many conversations about davey and his car that he'd never people got one new car after another this summer..but i was a good girl - not even my kiddoes knew. but they do now!! i am so happy for him - he deserves a good car to drive and, as my buddy AJ said.."hey davey, you're actually cool again!!"...he's personally calling himself a "chick magnet" and cranking up the beachboys as loud as they can go!! what fun!!! now i really have to get the garage shaped up and no more spraying or paint-related activities out there for me. and a lot more car washing for him!!! life is good!!!!

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  1. WAY TO GO, PAPPER!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! Now remember....SEAT BELT, PAPPER...SEAT BELT!!! XOXO - J,J,T & O