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Saturday, September 11, 2010

back home again...

here we are with our host and hostess, tim and katie..after a gourmet italian dinner
this is my friend johnny on his way out the door...he owns the very fine RiverPark Furniture...the best furniture store in the south bend / mishawaka area!

well, we had a wonderful time at the sweeney's, as usual...tim prepared a fabulous italian meal for us thursday night, complete with lemon gelatto..homemade...(the boy can cook!!) wendy couldn't make it but red and collette were there... bob and loraine weren't able to be there so on friday, davey and i drove over to their house to see them and say hello before we headed back home. so happy to see them!! we were so far east that we decided to drive through south bend on our way so we got off at the exit near notre dame, drove past st. mary's, st. joe high school, my alma mater, on through town, pointing out where tim grew up and the park with the duck pond, from whence my house was a hop, skip and a jump...the best part was seeing this grand old building with the name "south bend civic theater" emblazoned across the front - right in the middle of town! a far cry from the little firehouse theatre my mom was so instrumental in getting off the ground in the 60's. it took my breath away and i know she'd be (she is) so proud!!...then last night davey and i teamed with our friends bobby and juju and won the friday night nine and dine scrambles - 5 under for 9 holes which was pretty darn good! this afternoon i delivered my magnolia painting to my friend moon...she seemed very tickled to have it which is what this painting business is all about, really... a thrill for me!!

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  1. Looks like the best of times--fun friends and good food. Is that a Don Hatfield painting on their wall?