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Sunday, September 26, 2010

latest in a series...

11x14 oil on stretched canvas
oh i'm having such fun with these mouths....lips...ladies...i started this one in my friend nan's back yard a couple days ago - it was very hot and windy and we didn't last we did more visiting with our friend jane than anything else - friendship trumps painting anyday, i'm i think i'm finished with this and i plan to take this and another up to the downtown midland gallery next week. i haven't checked my traps there in a while and i need to rearrange stuff. we're getting ready for our first ever cruise ..(we sail one week from today)...and i really don't want to stress over this so i'm going to really concentrate on getting ready! - may not have too much time to paint. i plan to take my laptop and hopefully post some of our adventures. i'm not going to take my paints but hope to do some sketching or maybe some small watercolors...we are more than excited!! - meanwhile the frenchies' puppy arrived last night...he's just 6 weeeks old and already he thinks nels is his mom!! wait til ruby arrives in a few weeks - we'll have the scooby and ruby show...and nels will be so happy...perhaps...

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