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Sunday, September 5, 2010

a little magnolia painting for moon...

8x10 oil on stretched canvas
so here's a little magnolia painting for my friend moon - she's a bit under the weather and i wanted to cheer her up a bit! - this is taken from a photograph moon took and had published in the republic in the section entitled "take your best shot". she really seemed excited when i told her i was going to paint this for her. i need to let it dry and then frame it and off it goes. i also started working on a couple portrait commissions - i'm doing 4 children in one family - all small vignettes and i think i may be done with the two girls. i need to get another reference photo for the youngest boy and i'm still working on the eldest boy. they are gorgeous children and so much fun to paint! my hubby worked the the ER today so i had the day to myself and it really felt good to get back to the studio! - i'm inspired to get a bit more organized up there - i can hardly turn around! - but tomorrow will be golf!@ and then tuesday is ladies day and then wednesday we travel to visit the sweeney's in michigan - busy, busy! but life is good!!!!

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