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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 color cloud study

big sky 6x6 oil on panel
today we had the threat of a big ice storm hanging over our heads so i went out to my car to get ready for tennis and i saw that my car was totally iced over and i almost killed myself on the way out there!! you know when your feet fly out from under you and you fall or nearly fall on your bodoon?? i am so agile for a 65 year old so i caught myself and thanked my guardian angel and promptly went in to call and cancel tennis!....had the day unexpectedly to myself so i plunged into my art!! - so today i wanted to do a cloud study. i have some panels that i gessoed earlier so this has lots of texture in it. maybe too much, as i look at it, maybe not.. but a good chance to practice...i also wanted to work with a limited palette so this was done with just ultramarine blue, cad red medium and lemon yellow. titanium white, also of course. you can make all the colors you need with just the three primaries. i intend to try lots of different combos of the primaries...maybe cobalt blue, light red and yellow ochre, maybe cad red light, cad yellow light and ultra or cobalt or maybe even cerulean blue...i love the combo of hansa yellow and quinacidrone red...very good for sunsets but i've never done a whole painting with just those two plus blue...lots to look forward to!!!!

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