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Friday, February 4, 2011


ever have a day when nothing turned out the way you wanted it ?? that's the way things have been going in my studio lately. i totally reworked the nude i had on the easel and you know what they say..."it's never done til it's over-done"....well i over did it...and all i can do at this point is trash it! - i also discovered, while searching for something for what seemed like hours on end, that i have serious organizational work to do up there. every workshop i've ever taken...every video i've watched...every book i've read...all have one thing in common - an organized work space! - and anyone who's ever been in my house can attest to the general clutter! - i love to have interesting things around me - mementos, gifts from children and friends, antique shop finds, you name it. my studio is a disaster. i have a zillion refence books on watercolor, pastel, oil, mixed media, etc... i'm always cutting out things for reference, saving bits of this and that in case i ever get into collage...every issue of all the art magazines i've ever taken is up there..shoved in cubbies, piled in stacks..i'm not even going to try and count the tubes of paint...and i just ordered more, of course!! so the bottom line is this: i'm going to take a few days and really "work in my studio" in stead of the way i usually "work in my studio"...i'll report on my progress! and wish me luck!

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