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Monday, February 7, 2011

making progress...but who can tell!

so here's what i'm contending with!!! MY SPACE IS SUCH A DISASTER!! (didn't mean to do caps but thought it was fitting)...i've spent hours and hours on my project - first of all i went through my reference books to figure out which ones i have to have and can't part with...the rest i'm giving to the new senior center. i'm also going through maybe 20 years of three art magazines, culling the articles i need to keep and then the rest will go to the center. i've gotten all my paints on that one table...watercolors, acrylic and oils...the boxes of pastels are in a closet in another room, along with frames and stretcher bars. i've spent hours going through my reference photos, trying to throw some away but it's hard for me. i will get there!! - my friend lillian suggested i do a painting of the mess. i couldn't figure out how to encorporate the whole room and then i thought i might just throw some stuff together and take a few pics and think on it...we'll i look at this photo i can see it needs to be a little better designed. i also want to do carol marine's latest challenge but i have to do one or two more good days of work before i'll allow myself back to the easel. you can see last week's challenge at ...i think there were 80 entries last time i looked. this challenge is for us to do 8 ten-minute paintings of one single object. should be fun! ok - onward and upward!! and my nubby is so happy for his pack!! great game and now we can get ready for golf!

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  1. Wow! And I thought I was bad! Haha--thanks for sharing this Susie--you made me feel better about my clutter. I have a "collage" box so I laughed about your saving stuff for when you get to doing one. I tell myself I need a bigger studio.