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Sunday, February 13, 2011

carol marine's 10 minute challenge..

this week's challenge was to do 8 ten minute paintings of any object from life. you have to use a timer and when it goes off, you're DONE! - this is great practice and i learned a lot. i used different colored papers under my pear and turned it around a bit - on the last one i used a reflective paper and i thought that was neat. the object was to really look at values and shapes and paint what you see. i used 2 6x6 panels and divided each into four areas so the whole piece is 6x12. as i mentioned earlier - you can go to daily paint works to see all the entries - last i looked there were almost 200...i've been a bit tardy in doing mine but i really wanted to get to it before the next challenge so i won't get too far behind!

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