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Sunday, April 10, 2011

been a while..

it's not that i haven't been painting...along with my friends nan and carolyn, i took a workshop in martinsville yesterday with douglas second with him and it was great! - i'll probably post the paintings i did. this new palette is much more condusive to florals than landscapes, at least in my hands! we're getting ready to head to georgia tomorrow and i have so much to do. they will possibly be starting my bathroom remodel while we're gone and i have to clear that out. meanwhile, i wanted to post some pics of my show at stillframes. i'll try and get bob to email me a few pics of the opening. for now, here's the way it looks! my painting of elizabeth and the big cupcake and the butler homage are all in the window!

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  1. Best of luck with your show. Your displays look great. How's that puppy doing?