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Saturday, April 2, 2011

thanks to everyone!!

12x4 oil on gallerywrap canvas - another ireland painting..inspired by my friend johnny

oh my goodness!! what a nice time!!! and what a nice turnout!!! - i was nervous to begin with and then my good friend sally from indy walked through the door and from then on it was all good!!...i can't begin to list the people who showed up - mike and judy, john and nan, karl, linda, janeann and fred, tom and sandy, leanne and mike, jen and tillie, jif and gabby, nancy, carol, eris,bobbie, judy, bob and nancy..and i'm just getting started....can't possibly name them all...thanks to everyone!!!!!...and now it's back to work and the real world!! - hitting the garage tomorrow, according to my hubby...yikes!!

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