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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sneaking up on "george's" cookies...

so i promised rose (sweet rose bakehouse, 16th and home) i would do another large-ish painting for her bare walls. the great big cupcake will go in there either friday or saturday and we need another one or maybe even two paintings for the space. i have discovered "george's cookies" unbelieveable concoction with white chocolate, macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, nuts... gorgeous and to die for!!! i am trying to do them justice and it may take some doing. i can see now that i've photographed the piece that they need to be a bit more toasty brown colored....the thing is...i need to finish this because they won't last forever! - each time when i finish working i cover them with plastic wrap so i know they'll still be good. rose doesn't sell anything a day old - several weeks ago i begged her for some cookies because i had my grands coming and she was closing and said she had none - but she GAVE me a few because she wasn't going to sell cool is that???...a break from the rain today but it's COLD!!...there may be time for a bit more yard work.

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