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Friday, April 29, 2011

more of george's...

so i worked a bit on this yesterday...browned up the cookies a bit and added a bit of background..actually it looks as if i've painted the milk white but that's only the white of the canvas - i didn't do an underpainting for this one..unusual for me.  i think i was so excited to get going on it, i just plum forgot!...bob anderson's stillframes is moving tomorrow so i had to get all my stuff out of there today...i ran into my good buddies kendal and linda as i was arriving and they were leaving.  many thanks to them for taking the time to stop in to see the work. i'll be taking a bunch of the new stuff to the galleries in indy next week and, after a bit more yard work, it's back to my studio - i'm excited to get back at it!!!

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