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Thursday, June 10, 2010

finished bag lady...maybe...

11x14 oil on stretched canvas
so here she is...i'll probably just pick over it a little bit more but i quite like the feel of this one. i'm not absolutely sure she's a bag lady...she may just as easily be a woman of indeterminant age very comfortable in her skin waiting for the bus. when i entered this in the hoosier salon (i'm not giving up, you see..) i entitled it "hoping for a ride" but now i'm not so sure. any ideas for a name?
yesterday was quite a journey! - we were having trouble with our printer and so we called some computer people to schedule a house call. within the hour we had a fine young gent here who was trying not to be rude but also was trying to get us into the year 2010!! - all our stuff was so antiquated - including this laptop - i think we bought this for boogs when she went off to lawschool but he fixed it up for me and it's just fine. we also got a new desktop which is so wonderful and now we're in the process of purging old manuals and things we don't need. my hubby dove into my cookbooks too - yikes! anyway, i was gone most of the day playing in a golf outing and then had to do chores in back so things are still a disaster. HOPE to get back to my studio but i can see that summer is going to be hard. i've heard feedback from some of you out there that you're enjoying watching the process. any thoughts? back when i was just doing 6x6 dailies, i didn't think to take photos during that process but some of the larger pieces rather lend themselves. i don't want to bore people or freak them out since a barely-started painting can look quite gruesome at times....i'd love to hear from you!

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