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Monday, June 21, 2010


this is david slonim's completed demo - the same scene painted by the other guys - only he went last and painted it from memory instead of looking at it...a must, according to robert need to be able to paint from memory to be an artist...

this is c.w., painting first - just as the huge thunderboomer hit - like we needed more rain?? the skies were of course very grey and luminosity was the order of the day, instead of light and shadow. you need to work on the subleties in this case....

this is todd reifers hard at work..he followed c.w., a huge task in itself...but he made a wonderful painting, looking at the same scene and interpreting it his way.

0k - so the workshop started today and - wow- so much information and so much talent!! - and that's just the instructors. c.w. mundy, todd reifers and david slonim...all great artists in their own right and all here at the same workshop!! couldn't pass this up!! - we started the day with c.w. and a huge thunderstorm blew in...why not, huh????...luckily we were situated under a porch roof on the veranda of an old barn at a creamery...can't remember the name but i'll have it tomorrow. they're trying to bring back farming to the next generation. we overlooked a little pond and this was the scene all 3 of our guys painted...all very different. i'm going to post each one separately. if i could figure out how to do this right, things would be in proper order but it's late and i'm beat. really looking forward to pushing paint tomorrow!!! i'll photograph the pond tomorrow since we start the day there. can't wait!

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