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Friday, June 11, 2010

hoosier salon!!

this, along with the bag lady, will be entered in the hoosier salon in a few weeks. never say die, eh? - i called today and found out that i can, indeed, change the names...and i've had a few very interesting suggestions....can you say casablanca???? i have a few days to think about this and i'm asking for your help - what should we name this one and what about the bag lady - is she a bag lady? - my friend janie suggested "late bus - good book", i'm also thinking "comfortably alone" or "in her own world" or "waiting for godot" or what do you think? and the lady above? - what about "you aren't going to play that, are you sam?" (ginny's idea)...i'd really like some help with this -the names i submitted are "kiss me, dahling" and "hoping for a ride"...but now i'm not so sure...

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  1. She has just found a home. She is PERFECT in our master bedroom. We just fell in love with "missed oppertunity"....