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Saturday, June 19, 2010

a test from the lake

i'm trying out my new computer and my new wifi card...i'm also trying to learn how to use my new camera so i can post from my workshop next week....hopefully the instructors won't mind if i take some photos of their demos. i'll also try to get some scenes from where we'll be working each day - plein air -. so. we're here at the cottage in valporaiso...flint lake...and there's nothing like an electrical storm over the lake for LOUD!!!!!!!! the only problem is my daughter and her 2 kids were driving in it! - then, after they arrived safely, her hubby was still driving in it -once we all were safely under the same roof, the party began!!!!! - i wanted to take a picture of this place but somebody had the nerve to clean it up before i could capture it! - the kids were having so much fun...nothing like playing with your cousins with wild abandon while the grown-ups were busy playing games (in this case rummykub) and watching tv - the us open - ..i've snapped a few pix to see if i know how to go from the camera to the computer. getting ready to head out to golf - we're moving the annual "clifty cup" to the robinhurst golf course and the battle is on...

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