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Sunday, July 4, 2010

better photos from the workshop...

c.w.'s garden painting -
david slonim's "a la cezanne" lily study
my small cow study - it's so difficult to paint animals ( or children, for that matter) from life because they refuse to stand still!
my garden painting. as they say..."it's never done til it's over-done!" (see c.w.'s from above to see what i mean...see the difference?
my cows in the pasture painting. see above note about painting cows from life....
my first attempt...the view from the veranda at trader's point creamery
well - i have been so busy since my return that i haven't had time to even take these photos til yesterday. jen and james are finally safely ensconced in their new home and the little family is absolutely over the moon!!! the kids were up til midnight last night going back and forth between each-other's rooms and having a ball while their parents sat on the patio with stars in their eyes and fireworks going off over their heads.
i have to think about art again!! - i'm hardly unpacked from the workshop but i plan to get up there today for a bit - i wanted to post better pics of things - i still don't get the hang of how to arrange pictures on these posts so i just described each one. happy fourth of july to everyone!!!!!


  1. Looked like a fun workshop. I'm looking forward to doing 2 very different ones this summer. I like your cow..the background is super too.

  2. The plan is great.May I join your company