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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

geat big sunflowers!!

ok - so here's the scoop...i needed some fresh corn and veggies so i stopped in at daley's farm market on 46 today...a great place as those here in columbus already know...and what did i find but the most gorgeous HUGE sunflowers!! - they are screaming "PAINT ME, NO PAINT ME...PAINT ALL OF US...JUST PAINT!!!!!!!! so i brought seven of them home after running some other errands and recycling...stuff i needed to do. then i got orders to fill out my medicare thing and do the things you need to do to renew a passport...stuff just keeps getting in the way. it's only 4 p.m. and i'm thinking i might just head up there for some quick studies...these things are to die for...


  1. Sunflowers! Great--we won't have any for a while but everything else is blooming way ahead of normal. Skip dinner and paint!

  2. i did some studies...more tomorrow...i have to get crackin!!!!!