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Friday, July 23, 2010

a little more....

ok - so here's a bit more of the it beginning to start to look familiar??? to look like something? - to look like vincent's sunflowers?...(he always signed his paintings "vincent"..)..i did a copy of another of vincent's big one that i saw in person at the chicago art institute..i was leaning over, trying to get as close as possible to see the amazing brushwork...and of course i got scolded harshly! - in fact, i can't tell you how many times i've been scolded in art galleries and if i'd ever actually touch anything...i'm an artist, for crying out loud!! - i know better - and yet they scold me! - and yet i still lean up close...anyway - i'll see if i can get a photo of the other painting and post it here. just got home from the rally for the cure golf tourney - it was hot, hot, hot and unfortunately i didn't take my A game with me but we still had fun..and now i'm trying to cool off inside for a few hours...possibly time enough to head up and work some more on vincent's sunflowers? hope so.. - somehow i always feel better when i can push a little paint around!

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