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Thursday, July 29, 2010

close up

copy of van gogh's sunflower - done in 2002
20 x 16 oil on canvas

so here's a picture of the ongoing project...i haven't had time to get to the studio in a while - i'm still not finished with this... lots of detailed brushwork that i need to work on - one of the reasons you do these you can learn...i was able to get a picture of the first copy i did of one of van gogh's sunflowers - the one i got scolded for...i'll post that below...(ok - so it's posted above)...and i also hope you can see some of the detailed brushwork in this close up of the flower.....! - anyway - i had a delightful day - played in a south central golf outing at otis park in bedford..very hilly and tough greens but a beautiful piece of property. my playing partner was a great gal and we found we had lots in common - sort of a six degrees thing...heading up tomorrow for a lesson with a guy who's coincidentally her instructor...small world...can't wait - i know he's going to tune me up just fine!!! davey got me two surprise hybrids yesterday so i'm all set@! gotta dash - i'm trying to get some paintings reframed and ready to go to the galleries on saturday.

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