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Saturday, March 5, 2011

back to the studio...and mary cassatt...

i'm finally back to work! - the picture on top is the one i'm copying...and then my painting is i look at this through the camera's eyes i can see some things i need to fix - i neeed to adjust the values for one she has a unique, sad and pouty look and i'm trying to capture that! - i found a book on mary cassatt i had around here and it shows a big close-up of breakfast in bed...i've been agonizing over that one and, after seeing her art so close, i think i know which way to go. she was actually very loose and used a tremendous amount of color...i'll work more on that tomorrow. i've also done a few small pieces - i need to wait til it stops raining so i can photograph them on the tripod. too blurry!..i'm trying to paint some new things for my opening the first of april. i don't know if i mentioned that i will be doing a one-woman show and it's thrilling but nerve-wracking all at once!..i had a good day today - i love this painting - at least i will when it's finished - mary was quite something - and my inspiration at the moment!!!

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  1. Hi Susie--sorry to hear about your loss. Guess it comes with age--I find I've had more funerals to go to as time rolls on...Anyway--love your zippo. Congratulations on your one worman show! That's awesome. Lovely portrait of the little girl...Mary Cassatt sure could do kids.