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Sunday, March 27, 2011

my homage to elizabeth...

24x18, oil on gallery wrap canvas
....we share the name elizabeth...her first name, my middle name...but she was something, wasn't she??...she had violet eyes and i'm not sure they come through on this photograph but violet they are... she had 7 husbands and eight marriages..(she married richard burton twice...couldn't help herself, if you remember)...i heard years ago the reason she kept getting married was because she wouldn't sleep with anyone she wasn't married to and she was a very passionate person...can you imagine that philosophy in today's society? how refreshing!! and a bit whacky..i loved gone with the wind..i think my favorite movie of all time..and the original father of the bride..although we love the steve martin version around here...(that's an-i-mal..... armani don't make no blue tux-ah-do......)...anyway - i wanted to do this painting in memory of this grand old dame - reminds us all that we must be getting a bit older and i hate to think that way...i swear i'm getting least that's my story and i'm sticking with it....

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