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Friday, March 11, 2011

getting ready for the grands!!!!!

no painting to post today...yesterday was TAX day - we went to drop off our numbers to our tax guy and once again...i think i may be getting some phone calls...i really try and squeeze every last bit of write-off possibility out of my business...and i still think it's terribly unfair that the pieces we artists donate to various organizations - and i do several each year - are not in anyway deductible. we can deduct the cost of materials but not the fair market value. the person buying the art gets the deduction - good for them - and bless them for buying the work! - but still a bummer for the artists. anyway...enough of that...i am preparing for the onslaught of 5 - count 'em FIVE - small to medium-sized people...we're having a sleepover at gan and pap's and everyone is very excited! - they love to get together and i think it's been since christmas since they've all been under the same roof at the same time...i can see a lot of rummykub in my future since they all love to play - even joe who's going to be four in june (the youngest) - well..maybe he just plays along and doesn't actually play. but the rest of them are really good and getting better all the time. ollie (5 last november) LOVES it when he beats me! and i'm no slouch!! my good friend katie taught me this game a summer or so ago and little does she know she has created a monster! - a bunch of monsters, actually, since my girls are freaks now, too!..we also have toy story 3 and a new game of kid's clue and of course plenty of popcorn and the wii is all ready for them. i think the frenchies from next door may even join us for a while!! what fun we will have! and tomorrow...if i have one ounce of energy left, i will head to my studio. i bought some gorgeous white roses today and thursday found a wonderful blue ginger jar at the antique mall...hoping to see how they fit together for a still life. stay tuned!!

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  1. I say if we an get hit with double taxation then we should be able to be pat of a double deduction!! Hear, hear.