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Monday, March 14, 2011

new work...

i did a fun high heel painting yesterday but it's not quite done - meanwhile i met the nicest lady who's opened a new bakery in town. i stopped in there friday, looking for cookies for the grands and our sleepover...she was closing and was out of cookies - a good thing since that means they've been busy - but then she thought she might find some i could have - she doesn't sell anything a day old so we lucked out and got a few lefties....also ...she had very bare walls...just opening and all..and i am going to do some pastry paintings for her..maybe a cupcake, some milk and cookies, a big juicy piece of pie...we'll see... hoping to get to the studio one more day tomorrow before we head to vegas for the first round of the ncaa's and the sports book...and a few shows..and some great food...and a time share tour...ah well...can you say "CHEAP VACATION????"....should be fun and i'll be well rested and ready for art when i return!

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