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Friday, March 25, 2011

"home-made"...painting for japan

6x6 original oil on canvas panel
so i managed to get this done today. it's for the japanese relief effort and i encourage you to go to the daily paintworks website (, click on the challenge and bid on one or more of the fine pieces of art you'll find's for a very good cause and all the money raised goes to help the displaced japanese people. this piece is a smaller version of a very large piece i did for the upcoming show and, provided it doesn't sell during the run of the show, it will then hang in the sweet rose bakehouse. i spent much of the day doing mundane up after my very bad puppy...she's now tearing up stuffing and chewing up plastic bim bags but she's still a good little girl...sort of...spent a good bit of time doing necessary promotion for the show next friday and then jen came over for a much needed game of rummy - we were both so ready!!! i'll be able to paint some in the morning and then it's up to indy for a baby shower and on to see our new IU recruit in the high school basketball finals. kokomo's in it, my hubby's alma mater and he's very excited, to say the least!

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