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Monday, May 25, 2015

first day in london..officially...


So this morning we hopped the bus at eight..early breakfast..drove a while to windsor of the  guards, possibly running late for the "changing", came flying down the cobbled clomping...our guide said to give him a wide berth..we were able to see the famous doll house and some of the quarters...i can honestly say i have never seen such gaudy excess in my life!!!..the queen wasn't in residence but we saw far off where she would have been staying...i cant imagine HOW anyone could actually LIVE in a place like that!!!!...meanwhile davey pointed out that if it hadn't been for the americans...all this lavish wealth would have belonged to the germans and/or the japanese....many of whom were storming their way round the grounds....but I digress...another bus ride pointing out some sights and then on to westminster abbey...which i did love!!..especially poets pics allowed inside either place...tonight we are getting treated to a talk by winston churchill's   grand daughter before dinner at gordon ramsey's...another full day tomorrow..having such fun but this is going to be grueling!!!!!..stay tuned!

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