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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home from Church

oil on board
I had a wonderful experience Saturday gallery in Bloomington, the Venue, owned by David, Gabe and Michelle Martin Coleman, hosted an event!  the idea was to choose 10 artists and 10 poets..the most creative people they could find (their words) and pair them up.  the artists brought in two paintings apiece..then the poets selected one painting each.  they were then to write a poem inspired by the painting at hand... last Saturday we had five collaborations and next Saturday the remaining five will be poet was the most delightful woman and one of the first poets they contacted.  she said my painting really spoke to her and after hearing her poem I will never look at this painting in the same way again!.. below is Tonia Matthew's poem, "Home from Church":
At first
the single figure,
the sky spilling into the street,
the blue shadow on the roof
a single bell toll,
the street moving from sunlight
into the dense shade
of overhanging trees.
But then
through a break in the fence
along the path,
sunlight slides,
soaks into a clump
of orange flowers,
sets them on fire.
The small woman
dressed in black,
white kerchief over her head
pauses     there,
leans on her cane.
She has come home from church
where she lit a candle,
sat in the cool dimness
Now, she is on her way home
to that small, silent room
But, see      she has stopped,
warmed by the glow of the orange flowers.
Waiting, perhaps, for them to speak.
here we are at the Venue last Saturday night!!

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