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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick update...

Just a quick note aboit our morning...the first photo is of some of the ravens at the tower of london...they guard the premises and they always have to have six..superstition...we saw the crown jewels...huge hoo-hah!!!!..again...who needs that much excess?.. But they do take their monarchy very seriously...then on to a cruise on the thames and then up on the london eye...its truly huge and colossal..couldnt get the whole thing in a single photo...wasnt sure i could do it but it was surprisingly ok!.. We saw a lot of london today on the bus..this is an absolutely amazing city..went down to the old london town...the original square mile that used to be surrounded by a wall..i love all the curving streets altho i'm sure it must make it hard to navigate..theres about to be a huge tie up in the city..the taxi drivers are holding a protest of the soon-to-be-arriving uber ta i service...and who could blame them!!...we'll be lucky to get out of our hotel today...early dinner at simpsons and then to see the play WARHORSE...they are truly running us ragged....but we've met some wonderful people and we're having a ball!!!!


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