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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So here's a photo of our host..winston churchill..we are staying at the hyatt churchill and they are celebrating the 70th anny of the end of the big sits the little courtyard of the churchill bar at the hotel...after four p.m., there's a 25 pound minimum...PER PERSON... In the churchill bar...needless to say we find other places to have a night cap but it is a sweet little place with sheepskin  in the chairs... We had a big breakfast and an early dinner so we snuck in there...before have a beer and a snack...then on the bus to ride to simpsons..a restaurant started in 1826...we got there fashionably early so we had time to pop over to the savoy for a drink in the bar..they had a L5000 brandy available...only four shots of it left in the world...learning so much about ..just things...the best part of the savoy bar were the black and white photos on the walls..great dinner and got to know  more new people...we are forty in the tour and they really try to switch us all up so we meet different we went to the theatre for an amazing...absolutely production of warhorse!!!...i bawled my eyes out..but what's new??...we are all enzausted from two days but we get to sleep in tomorrow...not leaving til 9:30... British museum and high tea and then the rest of the day to wander and get packed for france...stay tuned!

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