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Saturday, June 20, 2015


oil on canvas panel
so this is another in my "grand" project..there's a bit of a glare..but my friend carole has been waiting for this painting for a good long just gets in the way sometimes..but we've had lots of time with no golf and i was able to catch up a bit..we DID golf yesterday..played VCC..and played the front nine twice..davey was most improved but I was a very close second!! fact, I was burning up the course for the first half..i was one over after five holes...then the wheels came off..bad course management had something to do with it, I have to admit...but i am very excited to get out there again today..we are slowly packing up and getting organized so we can blow out of here really early tomorrow..i hear it's still raining at home so I guess this has been the place to BE!!!!...

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