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Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Wine and Pears"...14x11 oil on canvas panel

14x11 oil on canvas panel
so I am truly struggling with this computer!!..i may have a bug..very slow...but i did get some painting accomplished in the last couple days..gearing up towards the wine shindig in carmel in july..we actually were able to hit balls today..and we also actually signed up for a temporary membership at the valpo country club!! we just have to be sure we can play 20 rounds before it snows..we can bring if you are planning to come to the lake...(and you know who you are)...plan on playing the vcc!!!..time to go..gotta watch tiger and Jordan...and I may be able to do one more painting tomorrow..i'm working on a commission..needs some tweaking...and i have two more wine pieces to I am not a slacker.......

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