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Friday, June 26, 2015 hampshire AND vermont!!!

So today we set off to see mike and judy's old stomping grounds..dartmouth college..he did a year of residency there and seemed to be happy to be back..we were in the vicinity so we planned to meet folks in the quechee gorge area..(above photo is the gorge...i had to be very careful because of my dizzy-ness...but what a beautiful we learned that two days ago a gal need to go into the gorey deets..)..thinking about it..the railing isn't that high...if you were determined to do yourself in...??...anyway..the first pic is from the glass blowing complex/shop/ simon was recommended to us by a sweet lady who summers in new hampshire we met in the airport in baltimore...had a wonderful lunch there with friends...and the glass blowers were hard at work in the basement...they work 363 days a year, nine to five with two ten minute breaks and a half hour unpaid lunch...they seemed to be very happy so I'm assuming they are paid handsomely for their talents...and they certainly had talents!!!!....but we are tired from so much road travel..driving or not wears you OUT!!!!...we are ensconced in a new with a balcony...just next door from where we were yesterday..(we had noticed that ours was the only room on that side without one..)later i will post the view..chilling at the moment..heading to the whirlpool with a cocktail in hand..tonight is the welcoming reception...tomorrow we may take a boat ride before the wedding..stay tuned...

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