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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Finally got out on this beautiful lake...

WOW!!!!!...we just had the most fun!!!..the day started with room service..davey had lobster eggs benny..i had the sensible egg white frittata...(lot of good that did the moment we're chilling on our balcony with beer, wine and cheetos!!..i swear!!!)...then we ventured out to see the sights..this is such a small and condensed area..this mill falls in Meredith...maybe four hotels..all created in 2003...we wanted to see the falls close we were on the way and happened upon a shop i just needed to check out...davey ended up buying me more birthday prezzies...lovin this seventieth stuff.....whilst there we heard the group had garnered a pontoon for a noon boatride..and off we went..very last minute but so much fun!!!!!..cap'n ben escorted us out to governor's island and around and back...we may have been traveling upwards of 200mph..( i might be exaggerating..)..but it was great fun and so glad we did it!..we are heading to the whirlpool and then a nap and then on to the wedding...there is weather moving in tonight...these guys have really dodged a bullet because it is gorgeous!!!

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