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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


oil on canvas panel
so we decided to come to the lake a day early. since we share this place with the other side of the family, we get to come up every other week or so...painting and what I it looks like it may be just painting...valpo is almost under water..there was standing water all the way up here..sometimes nearly impassable...and they've had so much rain up here the country club course is closed..probably most of the other courses as well..i'm fine with it..i did this painting of lyda..this is for a friend who bought my donation to the kids' commons last year..she looks like a keeper, doesn't she??.. i also did a wine-themed painting which i'm still tweaking..i have a wedding present to do and another kids commons project and then if I have time, more wine stuff..there is to be a big wine event in the carmel arts district in july and i'm gearing up for that..i have to paint a VERY large wine bottle..probably two feet high..not sure what it's called..but that's another thing on my plate..yikes!!

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