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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Home at last....

We are sitting in the airport in detroit..after an 8-1/2 hour flight from wasnt that bad..watched still alice and the new night at the museum...this is staged at the british museum and i think we saw more of the museum in the movie than we were able to see on the's just so vast!!! ...and finally on the tiny little plane that will carry us on our last leg home...seems extra tiny after the 747 we rode in on...last night was so much fun!!!..the bus picked us up at 6:30 and transported us to a beautiful boat...started with cocktails on deck....watching the view and enjoying these folks who would soon be walking out of our lives...i havent been able to talk much about the folks..and i never use last names on my last night we sat with rick and mary and skip and sandy..a foursome traveling together  and coming from a golf trip in scotland..lucky duckies...they sat very near us on the bus..they had a neat way of moving folks around the bus..we started off near the back on the right and by the time we were done, we were quite far up on the left...they really wanted us to get to know each other...there were mostly couples and some mother/daughter and grandmother/granddaughter other artist..sharon..married to ed..very fun..they did a bit of sight seeing on their own..we really enjoyed the heck out of them and some others we got to spend a bit more time with..sitting together at dinner, for instance....the family of nurses..david, joyce, joe and lindsay..david contemplating retirement...lovely folks..always one and two seats ahead of us.. Denise and marty..folks from jasper, indiana and the first folks we met..lovely young couple..(could have been our kids!)..a mom and daughter duo..cherron and gals..matt and people I felt i'd known all my life...jack and diane..real kindred spirits..and were so cool with my constant going on about..." Little ditty..about jack amd diane..."..tony and pam from texas..such nice folks..another doc..richard the pulmonologist and his wife ellen..we had dinner one night with suzanne and her daughter megan...suzanne was a "jill of all trades".. Had accomplished so much..and her daughter megan was a student..jim and sue..(whoops.. Almost used their last name..)..he was always snapping photos with really good equipment and has started sending albums to all of it!! sue is a twin!!!!... David and laura we met late in the trip..sweet folks...and for sure they will have lots of pics of their trip!!..ken the banker and pam, his public speaker better half...great folks too!..let's see...judy was taking her grand kaitlen for a grand graduation (i think) trip..good fun...reta and her daughter, kathy, were such fun..loved them to pieces...renee and shelbi..from jacksonville..good gals...and and angie.. Both docs..he is a pediatric dentist and she specializes in pain medicine..great peeps..and we got to know them a bit better as we were taxied to the airport together at a god awful time sunday was a super fantastical  trip and we absolutely loved every minute of it and all the great new friends we made!!!.. I Know we  are all back to our lives... But what fun!!!!!

As you can see..davey really had a great time!!!

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