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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Addison Bakehouse

"Summer's Coming"
36x36 oil on gallery wrap canvas
so time has passed.. we had one hell of a time getting into and out of the atlanta airport.. we figured we could have driven it in less time and we'd have our car with us!!..  as we were driving to augusta in our rather pricey rental (apparently there are no cheap rentals during masters week!!)..we were passed by a small bus with the words "Atlanta airport to augusta" emblazoned on the side!!!.. a shuttle service!!  who knew??.. we looked it up on line and yes.. would have saved us a bunch.. but we don't agonize..bucket list right??..we never used our car from the moment we arrived since there was a shuttle to and from the hotel..and lovely food everywhere..did I mention?...we have been so busy since we got home....but I need to chat about the Addison bakehouse!.. about 2 weeks ago we had lunch there.. a gathering of gals who hadn't seen each other in a while.. this place is perfect for that.. wonderful food...relaxed atmosphere..just lovely!.. this was only the second time I'd been there..even though it's been around for a few years now..the first time we could barely get a table and this last time we were able to make reserves since there were six of us..if you've not tried's really great!!..they cater..have evening events..and they actually have delicious baked goods!!..ok.. so on my way out, I noticed there was some art on the walls and took a chance..asked the owner if she was  interested in more and gave her my card..she got in touch later that day through my website..and sounded really excited..i took a few pieces in before we left for the masters..this painting..which she helped me name.. is now hanging behind the bakery counter!..a few others as that's my fun news!!.. I also delivered my paintings to the visitors' center for the three month show..the opening reception will be the 29th of this month....and managed to get over to the venue to see the art and soul of Bloomington,, I couldn't attend the opening for that since there were wind gusts of close to 50 mph!!.. so I've been a busy girl..i'm really looking forward to just getting away and, reading, walks on the beach, this will be the first time down since we sold our house..and the first time I won't be doing any painting while I'm there..odd but I think in a good way..I do plan to deliver several pieces to simon's and possibly gynn art while we're there..

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